2014-12-27 unknownFix small bug in main when there is less t han one... master
2014-12-17 unknownFix bt_splitroot and bt_initpage to properly keep track...
2014-12-16 unknownFix threadskv10g for multi-process linux FUTEX calls
2014-12-16 unknownAdd multi/thread multi-process threadskv10h.c
2014-11-07 unknownA few bug fixes & use native long long for page numbers
2014-11-03 unknownSeveral deletion bugs fixed
2014-10-31 unknownFix a concurrency bug in page pinning in the buffer...
2014-10-29 unknownAdd finalized threadskv10g LSM btree.
2014-10-28 unknownThreadskv10f.c -- add finding keys in addition to penny...
2014-10-28 unknownReplace mutex implementation, and fix a few bugs.
2014-10-24 unknownremove debugging code
2014-10-24 unknownContinue experimental LSM btree code
2014-10-17 unknownMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-17 unknownRewrite re-entrant phase-fair latching, continue LSM...
2014-10-17 unknownRewrite re-entrant phase-fair latching, continue LSM...
2014-10-15 unknownFix broken WriteOnly reentrant locks
2014-10-13 unknownMore progress on the LSM btrees implementation
2014-10-12 unknownRemove extra assert traps, finalize mutex lock.
2014-10-12 unknownProgress made on LSM B-tree
2014-10-12 unknownRelease durable threadskv9b.c
2014-10-10 unknownFix futex locking for linux
2014-10-10 unknownReplace futex latches with spin latches
2014-10-09 unknownPreliminary threads10.c -- dual btree module for faster...
2014-10-08 unknownThreadskv9c.c version for durability progress made
2014-10-02 unknownUpload experimental threadskv9.c version with durability.
2014-09-30 unknownAdd re-entrant WOnly queued lock, remove bt_atomicload
2014-09-29 unknownMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-29 unknownFix Librarian bugs in bt_cleanpage and bt_splitpage
2014-09-29 unknownFix bug in bt_cleanpage and bt_splitpage
2014-09-29 unknownfix latch protocol in bt_atomicload
2014-09-29 unknownFix latching protocol for bt_atomicload
2014-09-28 unknownFix a couple of bugs in atomicfree
2014-09-27 unknownFix bug in reverse scan. New command line interface...
2014-09-27 unknownclean up atomic delete deadlock problem
2014-09-26 unknownExplain new Atomic/Consistent transaction for inserting...
2014-09-26 unknownadd txn level zero page loader
2014-09-26 unknownFix bt_atomictxn to process delete key requests properly
2014-09-24 unknownFix a few bugs in atomic modification
2014-09-23 unknownIntroduce threadskv8.c for atomic-consistent inserts...
2014-09-23 unknownRework BtKey for ushort and uint string lengths.
2014-09-19 unknownLocate threadskv7 within eventual consistency model.
2014-09-19 unknownIntroduce threadskv7 that includes atomic insert of...
2014-09-16 unknownFix concurrency bug with CLOCK_bit and latch->pin
2014-09-15 unknownMake a recommendation for downloading.
2014-09-15 unknownIntroduce threadskv6.c with traditional buffer pool...
2014-09-15 unknownFix a few bugs.
2014-09-11 unknownFix bugs in cleanpage and splitpage copying values...
2014-09-10 unknownadd missing unpinpool
2014-09-09 unknownAdd raw disk partition for btrees in threadskv5.c
2014-09-09 unknownFix bug in bt_mgr to create a new btree file on file...
2014-09-09 unknownThreadskv5.c -- configure key & value length fields...
2014-09-09 unknownInitialize empty reverse cursor in threadskv5.c
2014-09-09 unknownIntroduce bi-directional cursors in threadskv5.c
2014-09-08 unknownIntroduce threadskv4b.c with duplicate key management.
2014-09-08 unknownIntroduce threadskv4b.c with duplicate key management
2014-09-08 unknownFix a few bugs
2014-09-03 unknownFix errors in threadskv1 and threadskv3
2014-09-03 unknownIntroduce threadskv series of key-value stores
2014-09-02 unknownFix bugs found by David Groves
2014-08-21 unknownFix bug in bt_cleanpage relative to value moving
2014-08-18 unknownAdd threadskvi.c to readme file.
2014-08-18 unknownInitial release of generalized key/value version
2014-03-24 unknownUtilize lighter weight mutex latch w/sched_yield()...
2014-03-18 unknownIntroduce linux only futex contention resolution btree2v.c
2014-03-17 unknownFix windows missing external
2014-03-17 unknownreplace lite weight latch manager
2014-03-17 unknownfix one-based index over nodes
2014-03-17 unknowninclude newest lite weight latch code.
2014-03-05 unknownRemove debug code.
2014-03-04 unknownImplement enhanced GCLOCK page replacement method for...
2014-03-03 unknownImplement CLOCK buffer pool page replacement method
2014-02-28 unknownfix for buffer pools > 4GB. Recommend btree2u for linux
2014-02-28 unknownGeneral cleanup/Fix WIN32 error/Make thread ready
2014-02-27 unknownIntroduce new btree2u with traditional buffer pool...
2014-02-27 unknownSeparate scanning from counting. Utilize file locking...
2014-02-27 unknownRework buffer pool manager along traditional file I...
2014-02-27 unknownfix for bt_audit
2014-02-25 unknownIntroduce btree2t
2014-02-25 unknownfix bt_audit to clear latches, remove -lrt linker depen...
2014-02-25 unknownFix bt_audit to clear locks, remove -lrt linkage dependency
2014-02-25 unknownRemove -lrt linkage dependency on linux
2014-02-25 unknownUse test & set latching instead of file locking calls
2014-02-25 unknownRemove -lrt dependency on linux link
2014-02-22 unknownincorporate -lrt in linux compilation instructions
2014-02-20 unknownEnhance process times reporting for linux or Windows
2014-02-20 unknownAdd missing bt_unlockpage call in bt_splitpage
2014-02-19 unknownrework spinlock data structure to survive gcc -O3 optim...
2014-02-19 unknownRemove foster btree from project. It doesn't add anything.
2014-02-19 unknownRecommend versions for operating system environments.
2014-02-19 unknownMake bt_splitpage more conservative wrt posting fence...
2014-02-19 unknownfix usage of BtLockParent
2014-02-18 unknownRework reader/writer locks, fix BtLockParent usage
2014-02-14 unknownremove btree2t.c
2014-02-14 unknownfix original problem with bt_deletekey, obviating need...
2014-02-13 unknownfixes for file I/O version that only deletes leaf pages
2014-02-13 unknownincorporate new bt_deletekey code to file I/O version
2014-02-13 unknownincorporate reworked bt_deletekey into file I/O version
2014-02-13 unknownFix a couple of concurrency problems
2014-02-12 unknownFinish rework of bt_deletekey, w/bug fixes
2014-02-07 unknownfix a blunder in BtDb layout