add hazard pointer implementation. buggy
[nbds] / txn /
2008-12-22 jdybnisadd hazard pointer implementation. buggy
2008-12-16 jdybnisSupport 32 bit x86
2008-12-16 jdybnisintroduce some more typedefs and conversion functions...
2008-12-16 jdybnisWarning tests are failing in this version
2008-12-15 jdybnisgeneric map iterator interface
2008-12-09 jdybnisadd iterators to hashtable, skiplist, and list
2008-12-08 jdybnisin txn, use a "naked" value without an update record...
2008-12-07 jdybnisin txn, clean up old update records when they can't...
2008-12-07 jdybnisfix error in validation logic
2008-12-05 jdybnismore header file refactoring
2008-12-05 jdybnisrefactor header files
2008-12-04 jdybnisall structures now support arbitrary type keys with...
2008-12-01 jdybnisadd to txn test
2008-12-01 jdybnisclean up transaction interface
2008-11-25 jdybnisseparate tests out into their own files
2008-11-25 jdybnischange the names of some variables and types for consis...
2008-11-16 jdybnisadd beginings of transactional ht