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last changeSun, 30 Apr 2017 16:20:01 +0000 (18:20 +0200)
2017-04-30 Martin BauteCosmetic comment fixes. branches/default master origin/bookmarks/master origin/branches/default
2016-12-12 Martin Bauteremove() implemented directly without glue trampoline.
2016-12-12 Martin BauteCorrected _PDCLIB_CHAR_SIGNED handling.
2016-12-12 Martin BauteCorrected _PDCLIB_CHAR_SIGNED comment.
2016-12-12 Martin BauteExplicit include path removed.
2016-12-12 Martin BauteRenamed some files in platform/example to match the...
2016-04-07 Martin BauteActivated Tyndur tests for _PDCLIB_print().
2016-03-28 Martin BauteDifferent text for static_assert()s
2016-03-25 Martin BauteTypo.
2016-03-14 Martin BauteRemoved basecodecs from PDCLIB_OPTIONS, added opt/Readm...
2016-03-14 Martin BauteMoved base codecs to main codebase.
2016-03-14 Martin BauteMoved errno to main codebase.
2016-03-14 Martin BauteMoved the C locale implementation into main code base...
2016-03-14 Martin BauteMoved notime and mincoll from opt/ to functions/.
2016-03-13 Martin Bautedos2unix
2016-03-13 Martin BauteRevert reordering of declarations; for easier tracking...
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