2018-11-27 Nathan Wagnerfix empty module list handling master
2018-11-27 Nathan Wagnerhandle empty kernel modprobe list
2017-05-28 Nathan Wagnerrenamed chids to setid
2017-05-28 Nathan Wagnerforce /etc/mtab to be a symlink to /proc/mounts
2014-11-12 Nathan Wagneradded syslogd to inittab
2014-11-10 Nathan Wagneruse printf instead of echo in startup functions
2014-07-03 Nathan Wagnerstartup program improvements
2014-04-10 Nathan Wagnerprobe for hardware in rc.sysinit
2014-04-07 Nathan Wagnerfix test in ifup
2014-04-07 Nathan Wagneradded check for network device
2014-04-02 Nathan Wagnerfix error in rc.shutdown
2014-04-01 Nathan Wagnerfix error in rc.shutdown
2014-04-01 Nathan Wagnerrun depmod in rc.sysinit
2014-04-01 Nathan Wagnerbetter handling of mdev and udev
2014-04-01 Nathan Wagnerset up mdev.seq in rc.sysinit
2014-04-01 Nathan Wagneradd initial mdev -s
2014-04-01 Nathan Wagnermdev in /sbin
2014-03-31 Nathan Wagneruse /sbin/udevd in rc.sysinit
2014-03-27 Nathan Wagnerfix error in is_true test
2014-01-09 Nathan Wagneradd is_true function and stub upport for color
2014-01-09 Nathan WagnerAdd support for mdev
2014-01-09 Nathan Wagnermake rc.shutdown actually shutdown
2014-01-09 Nathan Wagneradd cron and sshd to default startup daemons
2013-12-06 Nathan Wagneradded hwclock setting
2013-12-06 Nathan Wagnerimproved rc.d example script
2013-12-01 Nathan WagnerAdded syslogd and klogd to inittab
2013-05-28 Nathan WagnerAdded dhcp support to interface scripts
2013-05-28 Nathan Wagnerimprove reporting of network startup
2013-05-28 Nathan Wagnerfix syntax error in ifup
2013-05-28 Nathan Wagneradded /etc/network and localhost to install
2013-05-28 Nathan Wagnerfix shell errors with IFS
2013-04-26 Nathan Wagnerskip fsck at boot
2013-04-26 Nathan Wagnersimplify vfs mounts
2013-04-26 Nathan Wagnerreformatting for 80 column width
2013-02-27 Nathan Wagneradded startup scripts
2013-02-27 Nathan Wagnercreated install target for startup scripts
2013-02-13 Nathan Wagnermake do_exec a static function
2013-02-13 Nathan Wagnerinitial commit