2016-01-24 Nathan Wagnerremove unused variable from makefile master
2016-01-24 Nathan Wagnerfix sprintf format
2014-09-24 Nathan Wagnerdie if no namespace provided for v3 or v5 uuid
2014-09-24 Nathan Wagneradded warn and die implementations
2014-09-24 Nathan Wagneradded command line uuidgen program
2014-09-24 Nathan Wagnerimprove test case names for t/uuidgen.t
2014-09-23 Nathan WagnerAdded defines for uuid sizes.
2014-09-23 Nathan Wagneradd leading prototype for pd_uuid_rng_get_bytes
2014-09-23 Nathan WagnerAdd support for gin indexes on uuid arrays.
2014-09-23 Nathan Wagnermark functions as immutable
2012-10-02 Nathan WagnerSet hash tests to auto calculate number of tests
2012-09-30 Nathan WagnerExpanded the install directions slightly.
2012-09-30 Nathan WagnerRemoved unused node variable.
2012-09-18 Nathan WagnerAdded tap tests for postgres extension.
2012-09-14 Nathan WagnerAdded test cases for name based uuids.
2012-09-14 Nathan WagnerAdded test program for sha1.
2012-09-14 Nathan WagnerAdded test program for md5 hashes.
2012-09-14 Nathan WagnerClean up of random number generator.
2012-09-14 Nathan WagnerFixed file descriptor leak getting linux mac addr.
2012-09-13 Nathan WagnerFixed segfault in v1mc() and added test cases.
2012-09-13 Nathan WagnerFixed cut and paste typo.
2012-09-12 Nathan WagnerAdd mention of extension based install
2012-06-12 Nathan WagnerFixed argument order for compile
2012-06-12 Nathan WagnerAdded test framework
2012-06-12 Nathan WagnerRemoved unused variable
2012-04-05 Nathan WagnerAdded namespace uuids and test program
2012-03-24 Nathan WagnerFixed incorrect object file name
2012-03-21 Nathan WagnerInitial commit