2020-04-24 Nathan Wagnerremove stray debug fprintf master
2020-04-24 Nathan Wagnercheck for headers case insensitively
2019-10-13 Nathan Wagnerfix zpm-note man page
2019-10-12 Nathan Wagneradd missing schema file
2019-10-12 Nathan Wagneradd packagedeps to merge
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove ciphers rc5 rc6 twofish
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove xcbc
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove omac
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove f8 lrw xts modes
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove gmp math descriptor
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove pmac and pelican
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove rmd hashes
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove yarrow
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove sha224 and sha512-224
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerocb mode fixup
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove encauth ocb ocb3
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove ltc ciphers
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove ltc ciphers des safer xtea rc4
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerremove ltc encauth eax
2019-07-07 Nathan Wagnerinitial cleanup of unused parts of ltc
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnerremove md2 md4 md5 hashes
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnerremove unused file
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnerreindent blake2 files
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnermove blake2 out of subdirectory
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnermove tls object file into crypto directory
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnermove programs to bin for build
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnerpackage signature work
2019-07-06 Nathan Wagnerfix tap diagnostic
2019-07-05 Nathan Wagneradd cookbook man page
2019-03-25 Nathan Wagneradd function to read a password
2019-03-07 Nathan Wagnerexpand sign docs
2019-03-07 Nathan Wagnerexpand script functionality
2019-03-07 Nathan Wagneradd zpm wrapper for checking if a db is readonly
2019-03-07 Nathan Wagnerfix failsok tap function
2019-03-05 Nathan Wagnerdoc update
2019-03-05 Nathan Wagnerchange http header output
2019-03-05 Nathan Wagnerfix stray quote
2019-03-04 Nathan Wagnerfix completion calculation
2019-03-04 Nathan Wagnerremove stray debug output
2019-03-04 Nathan Wagnermake fetchurl understand chunked encoding
2019-03-03 Nathan Wagnercleanup syncfs output
2019-03-03 Nathan Wagnerfix makefile for parallel builds
2019-03-03 Nathan Wagnerrework verify v0.7.0
2019-03-02 Nathan Wagnerremove unneeded function call
2019-03-02 Nathan Wagneradd scripts to package hashing
2019-03-01 Nathan Wagnerswitch to blake2
2019-03-01 Nathan Wagneradd blake2 implementation
2019-03-01 Nathan Wagnerupdate rmpackage
2019-02-27 Nathan Wagnerupdate to sqlite 3.27.2
2019-02-27 Nathan Wagnersend full encoded queries
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagnerexpand pkgdeps
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagneradd more information for host cert change
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagnerreorder changed certificate warning
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagneradd tracing to zpm-search
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagnerfix bug in vercmp
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagneradd buffer lib files
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagnerpreliminary buffer note
2019-02-26 Nathan Wagnerfix vercmp bugs
2019-02-23 Nathan Wagnerrename pkglist to pkgid
2019-02-23 Nathan Wagnerfix path display in show note
2019-02-22 Nathan Wagneradd dependencies to package hash
2019-02-22 Nathan Wagnersupport for package dependencies v0.6.2
2019-02-22 Nathan Wagneradd range search to findpkg
2019-02-22 Nathan Wagnerprint warning if host cert changed
2019-02-22 Nathan Wagnercorrect note docs
2019-02-21 Nathan Wagnerexpand tls debug
2019-02-20 Nathan Wagnerremove unused program
2019-02-20 Nathan Wagnerfix basics test
2019-02-20 Nathan Wagnerlet newpackage set additional fields
2019-02-19 Nathan Wagnerinstall zpm directory at install time
2019-02-19 Nathan Wagnercleanups v0.6.1
2019-02-18 Nathan Wagnerexpand verify v0.6.0
2019-02-18 Nathan Wagnermerge and update cleanup
2019-02-18 Nathan Wagnercleanup sign tests
2019-02-18 Nathan Wagneruse modified musl provide scripts
2019-02-17 Nathan Wagnermake sign and fetchurl statically linked
2019-02-17 Nathan Wagnerfix bug with dhe cbc mode
2019-02-17 Nathan Wagnerupdate search
2019-02-16 Nathan Wagneraccept -p for progress bar
2019-02-16 Nathan Wagneradd options for fetchurl
2019-02-16 Nathan Wagneradd option to determine name from url
2019-02-16 Nathan Wagnerfix segfault
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagneradd zpm-sign to package programs v0.5.0
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerremove -O3 from sqlite3 compile options
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagneradd missing file
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagneradd missing file
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagneradd missing file
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagneradd tlse header
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagneradd create package
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagneradd test vectors for zpm-sign
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerexpand docs
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerrework zpm-add
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerallow partial package ids in packagehash
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerremove unused zpm-preserve
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerremove gpg references
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnermove C source files into src
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerexpand docs
2019-02-15 Nathan Wagnerfix compile process for elf programs
2019-02-13 Nathan Wagnersupport file urls
2019-02-12 Nathan Wagnerimplement trust on first use