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[nbds] / tags
1 !_TAG_FILE_FORMAT       2       /extended format; --format=1 will not append ;" to lines/
2 !_TAG_FILE_SORTED       1       /0=unsorted, 1=sorted, 2=foldcase/
3 !_TAG_PROGRAM_AUTHOR    Darren Hiebert  /
4 !_TAG_PROGRAM_NAME      Exuberant Ctags //
5 !_TAG_PROGRAM_URL    /official site/
6 !_TAG_PROGRAM_VERSION   5.7     //
7 ASSERT_EQUAL    struct/ht_test.c        /^#define ASSERT_EQUAL(/;"      d       file:
8 CACHE_LINE_SIZE include/common.h        /^#define CACHE_LINE_SIZE /;"   d
9 CAT     include/common.h        /^#define CAT(/;"       d
10 CFLAGS  makefile        /^CFLAGS := -g -Wall -Werror -std=c99 -m64 -fnested-functions -fwhole-program -combine -03 -DENABLE_TRACE$/;"   m
11 CLEAR_MARK      struct/list.c   /^#define CLEAR_MARK(/;"        d       file:
12 COPIED_VALUE    struct/ht.c     /^#define COPIED_VALUE /;"      d       file:
13 CU_ALLOC        include/CuTest.h        /^#define CU_ALLOC(/;"  d
14 CU_TEST_H       include/CuTest.h        /^#define CU_TEST_H$/;" d
15 CuAssert        include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssert(/;"  d
16 CuAssertDblEquals       include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertDblEquals(/;" d
17 CuAssertDblEquals_LineMsg       util/CuTest.c   /^void CuAssertDblEquals_LineMsg(CuTest* tc, const char* file, int line, const char* message, $/;"      f
18 CuAssertDblEquals_Msg   include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertDblEquals_Msg(/;"     d
19 CuAssertIntEquals       include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertIntEquals(/;" d
20 CuAssertIntEquals_LineMsg       util/CuTest.c   /^void CuAssertIntEquals_LineMsg(CuTest* tc, const char* file, int line, const char* message, $/;"      f
21 CuAssertIntEquals_Msg   include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertIntEquals_Msg(/;"     d
22 CuAssertPtrEquals       include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertPtrEquals(/;" d
23 CuAssertPtrEquals_LineMsg       util/CuTest.c   /^void CuAssertPtrEquals_LineMsg(CuTest* tc, const char* file, int line, const char* message, $/;"      f
24 CuAssertPtrEquals_Msg   include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertPtrEquals_Msg(/;"     d
25 CuAssertPtrNotNull      include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertPtrNotNull(/;"        d
26 CuAssertPtrNotNullMsg   include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertPtrNotNullMsg(/;"     d
27 CuAssertStrEquals       include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertStrEquals(/;" d
28 CuAssertStrEquals_LineMsg       util/CuTest.c   /^void CuAssertStrEquals_LineMsg(CuTest* tc, const char* file, int line, const char* message, $/;"      f
29 CuAssertStrEquals_Msg   include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertStrEquals_Msg(/;"     d
30 CuAssertTrue    include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuAssertTrue(/;"      d
31 CuAssert_Line   util/CuTest.c   /^void CuAssert_Line(CuTest* tc, const char* file, int line, const char* message, int condition)$/;"    f
32 CuFail  include/CuTest.h        /^#define CuFail(/;"    d
33 CuFailInternal  util/CuTest.c   /^static void CuFailInternal(CuTest* tc, const char* file, int line, CuString* string)$/;"      f       file:
34 CuFail_Line     util/CuTest.c   /^void CuFail_Line(CuTest* tc, const char* file, int line, const char* message2, const char* message)$/;"       f
35 CuStrAlloc      util/CuTest.c   /^char* CuStrAlloc(int size)$/;"        f
36 CuStrCopy       util/CuTest.c   /^char* CuStrCopy(const char* old)$/;"  f
37 CuString        include/CuTest.h        /^} CuString;$/;"       t       typeref:struct:__anon1
38 CuStringAppend  util/CuTest.c   /^void CuStringAppend(CuString* str, const char* text)$/;"      f
39 CuStringAppendChar      util/CuTest.c   /^void CuStringAppendChar(CuString* str, char ch)$/;"   f
40 CuStringAppendFormat    util/CuTest.c   /^void CuStringAppendFormat(CuString* str, const char* format, ...)$/;" f
41 CuStringInit    util/CuTest.c   /^void CuStringInit(CuString* str)$/;"  f
42 CuStringInsert  util/CuTest.c   /^void CuStringInsert(CuString* str, const char* text, int pos)$/;"     f
43 CuStringNew     util/CuTest.c   /^CuString* CuStringNew(void)$/;"       f
44 CuStringResize  util/CuTest.c   /^void CuStringResize(CuString* str, int newSize)$/;"   f
45 CuSuite include/CuTest.h        /^} CuSuite;$/;"        t       typeref:struct:__anon2
46 CuSuiteAdd      util/CuTest.c   /^void CuSuiteAdd(CuSuite* testSuite, CuTest *testCase)$/;"     f
47 CuSuiteAddSuite util/CuTest.c   /^void CuSuiteAddSuite(CuSuite* testSuite, CuSuite* testSuite2)$/;"     f
48 CuSuiteDetails  util/CuTest.c   /^void CuSuiteDetails(CuSuite* testSuite, CuString* details)$/;"        f
49 CuSuiteInit     util/CuTest.c   /^void CuSuiteInit(CuSuite* testSuite)$/;"      f
50 CuSuiteNew      util/CuTest.c   /^CuSuite* CuSuiteNew(void)$/;" f
51 CuSuiteRun      util/CuTest.c   /^void CuSuiteRun(CuSuite* testSuite)$/;"       f
52 CuSuiteSummary  util/CuTest.c   /^void CuSuiteSummary(CuSuite* testSuite, CuString* summary)$/;"        f
53 CuTest  include/CuTest.h        /^struct CuTest$/;"     s
54 CuTest  include/CuTest.h        /^typedef struct CuTest CuTest;$/;"     t       typeref:struct:CuTest
55 CuTestInit      util/CuTest.c   /^void CuTestInit(CuTest* t, const char* name, TestFunction function)$/;"       f
56 CuTestNew       util/CuTest.c   /^CuTest* CuTestNew(const char* name, TestFunction function)$/;"        f
57 CuTestRun       util/CuTest.c   /^void CuTestRun(CuTest* tc)$/;"        f
58 DECLARE_THREAD_LOCAL    include/tls.h   /^#define DECLARE_THREAD_LOCAL(/;"      d
59 DOES_NOT_EXIST  include/ht.h    /^#define DOES_NOT_EXIST /;"    d
60 ENTRIES_PER_BUCKET      struct/ht.c     /^#define ENTRIES_PER_BUCKET /;"        d       file:
61 ENTRIES_PER_COPY_CHUNK  struct/ht.c     /^#define ENTRIES_PER_COPY_CHUNK /;"    d       file:
62 EXES    makefile        /^EXES   := $(TESTS)$/;"        m
63 EXPECT_FALSE    include/common.h        /^#define EXPECT_FALSE(/;"      d
64 EXPECT_TRUE     include/common.h        /^#define EXPECT_TRUE(/;"       d
65 FALSE   include/common.h        /^#define FALSE /;"     d
66 GET_SCALE       util/mem.c      /^#define GET_SCALE(/;" d       file:
67 GlobalVersion   txn/txn.c       /^uint64_t GlobalVersion = 1;$/;"       v
68 HT_EXPECT_EXISTS        include/ht.h    /^#define HT_EXPECT_EXISTS /;"  d
69 HT_EXPECT_NOT_EXISTS    include/ht.h    /^#define HT_EXPECT_NOT_EXISTS /;"      d
70 HT_EXPECT_WHATEVER      include/ht.h    /^#define HT_EXPECT_WHATEVER /;"        d
71 HUGE_STRING_LEN include/CuTest.h        /^#define HUGE_STRING_LEN       /;"     d
72 INCS    makefile        /^INCS   := $(addprefix -I, include)$/;"        m
73 INITIAL_WRITES_SIZE     txn/txn.c       /^#define INITIAL_WRITES_SIZE /;"       d       file:
74 INIT_THREAD_LOCAL       include/tls.h   /^#define INIT_THREAD_LOCAL /;" d
75 INIT_THREAD_LOCAL       include/tls.h   /^#define INIT_THREAD_LOCAL(/;" d
76 IS_MARKED       struct/list.c   /^#define IS_MARKED(/;" d       file:
77 IS_TAGGED       include/common.h        /^#define IS_TAGGED(/;" d
78 LOCALIZE        include/tls.h   /^#define LOCALIZE /;"  d
79 LOCALIZE        include/tls.h   /^#define LOCALIZE(/;"  d
80 LWT_BUFFER_MASK include/lwt.h   /^#define LWT_BUFFER_MASK /;"   d
81 LWT_BUFFER_SCALE        include/lwt.h   /^#define LWT_BUFFER_SCALE /;"  d
82 LWT_BUFFER_SIZE include/lwt.h   /^#define LWT_BUFFER_SIZE /;"   d
83 LWT_H   include/lwt.h   /^#define LWT_H$/;"     d
84 MASK    include/common.h        /^#define MASK(/;"      d
85 MAX_BUCKETS_TO_PROBE    struct/ht.c     /^#define MAX_BUCKETS_TO_PROBE /;"      d       file:
86 MAX_NUM_THREADS struct/list.c   /^#define MAX_NUM_THREADS /;"   d       file:
87 MAX_SCALE       util/mem.c      /^#define MAX_SCALE /;" d       file:
88 MAX_TEST_CASES  include/CuTest.h        /^#define MAX_TEST_CASES        /;"     d
89 MEM_H   include/mem.h   /^#define MEM_H$/;"     d
90 MIN_SCALE       struct/ht.c     /^#define MIN_SCALE /;" d       file:
91 MinActiveTxnVersion     txn/txn.c       /^uint64_t MinActiveTxnVersion = 0;$/;" v
92 NBD_H   include/nbd.h   /^#define NBD_H$/;"     d
93 NBHT_H  include/ht.h    /^#define NBHT_H$/;"    d
94 NUM_ITERATIONS  struct/list.c   /^#define NUM_ITERATIONS /;"    d       file:
95 NUM_ITERATIONS  util/rcu.c      /^#define NUM_ITERATIONS /;"    d       file:
96 NUM_THREADS     include/common.h        /^#define NUM_THREADS /;"       d
97 ON_EXIT_SCOPE   include/common.h        /^#define ON_EXIT_SCOPE(/;"     d
98 ON_EXIT_SCOPE_I include/common.h        /^#define ON_EXIT_SCOPE_I(/;"   d
99 PLACE_MARK      struct/list.c   /^#define PLACE_MARK(/;"        d       file:
100 RCU_POST_THRESHOLD      util/rcu.c      /^#define RCU_POST_THRESHOLD /;"        d       file:
101 RCU_QUEUE_SCALE util/rcu.c      /^#define RCU_QUEUE_SCALE /;"   d       file:
102 SET_THREAD_LOCAL        include/tls.h   /^#define SET_THREAD_LOCAL /;"  d
103 SET_THREAD_LOCAL        include/tls.h   /^#define SET_THREAD_LOCAL(/;"  d
104 STRING_INC      include/CuTest.h        /^#define STRING_INC    /;"     d
105 STRING_MAX      include/CuTest.h        /^#define STRING_MAX    /;"     d
106 STRIP_TAG       include/common.h        /^#define STRIP_TAG(/;" d
107 SUITE_ADD_TEST  include/CuTest.h        /^#define SUITE_ADD_TEST(/;"    d
108 SUPERBLOCK_SCALE        util/mem.c      /^#define SUPERBLOCK_SCALE /;"  d       file:
109 SUPERBLOCK_SIZE util/mem.c      /^#define SUPERBLOCK_SIZE /;"   d       file:
110 SYNC_ADD        include/common.h        /^#define SYNC_ADD /;"  d
111 SYNC_CAS        include/common.h        /^#define SYNC_CAS /;"  d
112 SYNC_FETCH_AND_OR       include/common.h        /^#define SYNC_FETCH_AND_OR /;" d
113 SYNC_SWAP       include/common.h        /^#define SYNC_SWAP /;" d
114 TAG     include/common.h        /^#define TAG /;"       d
115 TAG_VALUE       include/common.h        /^#define TAG_VALUE(/;" d
116 TESTS   makefile        /^TESTS  := $(addsuffix _test, $(addprefix output\/,rcu list ht txn))$/;"       m
117 TLS_H   include/tls.h   /^#define TLS_H$/;"     d
118 TOMBSTONE       struct/ht.c     /^#define TOMBSTONE /;" d       file:
119 TRACE   include/lwt.h   /^#define TRACE(/;"     d
120 TRUE    include/common.h        /^#define TRUE /;"      d
121 TXN_ABORTED     txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { TXN_RUNNING, TXN_VALIDATING, TXN_VALIDATED, TXN_ABORTED } txn_state_t;$/;"     e       enum:__anon5    file:
122 TXN_BLIND_WRITE include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_READ_WRITE, TXN_READ_ONLY, TXN_BLIND_WRITE } txn_access_t;$/;"     e       enum:__anon3
123 TXN_DIRTY_READ  include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_DIRTY_READ, TXN_READ_COMMITTED, TXN_REPEATABLE_READ } txn_isolation_t;$/;" e       enum:__anon4
124 TXN_READ_COMMITTED      include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_DIRTY_READ, TXN_READ_COMMITTED, TXN_REPEATABLE_READ } txn_isolation_t;$/;" e       enum:__anon4
125 TXN_READ_ONLY   include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_READ_WRITE, TXN_READ_ONLY, TXN_BLIND_WRITE } txn_access_t;$/;"     e       enum:__anon3
126 TXN_READ_WRITE  include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_READ_WRITE, TXN_READ_ONLY, TXN_BLIND_WRITE } txn_access_t;$/;"     e       enum:__anon3
127 TXN_REPEATABLE_READ     include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_DIRTY_READ, TXN_READ_COMMITTED, TXN_REPEATABLE_READ } txn_isolation_t;$/;" e       enum:__anon4
128 TXN_RUNNING     txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { TXN_RUNNING, TXN_VALIDATING, TXN_VALIDATED, TXN_ABORTED } txn_state_t;$/;"     e       enum:__anon5    file:
129 TXN_VALIDATED   txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { TXN_RUNNING, TXN_VALIDATING, TXN_VALIDATED, TXN_ABORTED } txn_state_t;$/;"     e       enum:__anon5    file:
130 TXN_VALIDATING  txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { TXN_RUNNING, TXN_VALIDATING, TXN_VALIDATED, TXN_ABORTED } txn_state_t;$/;"     e       enum:__anon5    file:
131 TestFunction    include/CuTest.h        /^typedef void (*TestFunction)(CuTest *);$/;"   t
132 UNDETERMINED_VERSION    txn/txn.c       /^#define UNDETERMINED_VERSION /;"      d       file:
133 UPDATE_TYPE_DELETE      txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { UPDATE_TYPE_PUT, UPDATE_TYPE_DELETE } update_type_t;$/;"       e       enum:__anon6    file:
134 UPDATE_TYPE_PUT txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { UPDATE_TYPE_PUT, UPDATE_TYPE_DELETE } update_type_t;$/;"       e       enum:__anon6    file:
135 UTIL_SRCS       makefile        /^UTIL_SRCS      := util\/rcu.c util\/lwt.c util\/CuTest.c util\/mem.c util\/nbd.c$/;"  m
136 YAMS_H  include/common.h        /^#define YAMS_H$/;"    d
137 access  txn/txn.c       /^    txn_access_t access;$/;"  m       struct:txn      file:
138 alloc_update_rec        txn/txn.c       /^update_rec_t *alloc_update_rec (void) {$/;"   f
139 basic_test      struct/ht_test.c        /^void basic_test (CuTest* tc) {$/;"    f
140 block   util/mem.c      /^typedef struct block {$/;"    s       file:
141 block_t util/mem.c      /^} block_t;$/;"        t       typeref:struct:block    file:
142 buf_count_      util/lwt.c      /^static int buf_count_ = 0;$/;"        v       file:
143 buffer  include/CuTest.h        /^      char* buffer;$/;"       m       struct:__anon1
144 concurrent_insert       struct/ht_test.c        /^void concurrent_insert (CuTest* tc) {$/;"     f
145 concurrent_simple       struct/ht_test.c        /^void concurrent_simple (CuTest* tc) {$/;"     f
146 count   include/CuTest.h        /^      int count;$/;"  m       struct:__anon2
147 count   struct/ht.c     /^    int count; \/\/ TODO: make these counters distributed$/;" m       struct:hash_table_i     file:
148 deferred_       struct/ht.c     /^static hash_table_i_t *deferred_ = NULL;$/;"  v       file:
149 dequeue struct/queue.c  /^queue_elem_t dequeue (queue_t *q)$/;" f
150 dump_buffer     util/lwt.c      /^static void dump_buffer (FILE *file, int thread_id, uint64_t offset)$/;"      f       file:
151 dump_record     util/lwt.c      /^static inline void dump_record (FILE *file, int thread_id, lwt_record_t *r, uint64_t offset)$/;"      f       file:
152 enqueue struct/queue.c  /^void enqueue (queue_t *q, queue_elem_t *e)$/;"        f
153 entry_t struct/ht.c     /^} entry_t;$/;"        t       typeref:struct:ht_entry file:
154 failCount       include/CuTest.h        /^      int failCount;$/;"      m       struct:__anon2
155 failed  include/CuTest.h        /^      int failed;$/;" m       struct:CuTest
156 fifo    util/rcu.c      /^typedef struct fifo {$/;"     s       file:
157 fifo_alloc      util/rcu.c      /^static fifo_t *fifo_alloc(int scale)$/;"      f       file:
158 fifo_dequeue    util/rcu.c      /^static void *fifo_dequeue (fifo_t *q)$/;"     f       file:
159 fifo_enqueue    util/rcu.c      /^static void fifo_enqueue (fifo_t *q, void *x)$/;"     f       file:
160 fifo_index      util/rcu.c      /^static uint32_t fifo_index (fifo_t *q, uint32_t i)$/;"        f       file:
161 fifo_t  util/rcu.c      /^} fifo_t;$/;" t       typeref:struct:fifo     file:
162 find_pred_and_item      struct/list.c   /^static void find_pred_and_item (node_t **pred_ptr, node_t **item_ptr, list_t *list, int key)$/;"      f       file:
163 flag_mask_      util/lwt.c      /^uint64_t flag_mask_ = 0;$/;"  v
164 flags_  util/lwt.c      /^static const char *flags_ = "";$/;"   v       file:
165 format  include/lwt.h   /^    const char *format;$/;"   m       struct:lwt_record
166 free    include/common.h        /^#define free /;"      d
167 free_list_      util/mem.c      /^static block_t free_list_[NUM_THREADS][MAX_SCALE+1][NUM_THREADS];$/;" v       file:
168 function        include/CuTest.h        /^      TestFunction function;$/;"      m       struct:CuTest
169 get_new_superblock      util/mem.c      /^static void *get_new_superblock (int scale) {$/;"     f       file:
170 get_next_ndx    struct/ht.c     /^static inline int get_next_ndx(int old_ndx, uint32_t key_hash, int ht_scale) {$/;"    f       file:
171 hash_table_i    struct/ht.c     /^typedef struct hash_table_i {$/;"     s       file:
172 hash_table_i_t  struct/ht.c     /^} hash_table_i_t;$/;" t       typeref:struct:hash_table_i     file:
173 hash_table_t    include/ht.h    /^typedef struct hash_table_i *hash_table_t;$/;"        t       typeref:struct:hash_table_i
174 head    include/lwt.h   /^    uint32_t head;$/;"        m       struct:lwt_buffer
175 head    struct/list.c   /^    node_t head[1];$/;"       m       struct:list     file:
176 head    struct/queue.c  /^    queue_elem_t *head;$/;"   m       struct:queue    file:
177 head    util/rcu.c      /^    node_t *head;$/;" m       struct:lifo     file:
178 head    util/rcu.c      /^    uint32_t head;$/;"        m       struct:fifo     file:
179 header  util/mem.c      /^typedef struct header {$/;"   s       file:
180 header_t        util/mem.c      /^} header_t;$/;"       t       typeref:struct:header   file:
181 ht      struct/ht.c     /^    hash_table_t *ht; \/\/ parent ht;$/;"     m       struct:hash_table_i     file:
182 ht      struct/ht_test.c        /^    hash_table_t *ht;$/;"     m       struct:worker_data      file:
183 ht      txn/txn.c       /^    hash_table_t *ht;$/;"     m       struct:txn      file:
184 ht_add  struct/ht_test.c        /^int64_t ht_add (hash_table_t *ht, const char *key, int64_t val) {$/;" f
185 ht_alloc        struct/ht.c     /^hash_table_t *ht_alloc (void) {$/;"   f
186 ht_compare_and_set      struct/ht.c     /^int64_t ht_compare_and_set (hash_table_t *ht, const char *key_string, $/;"    f
187 ht_count        struct/ht.c     /^uint64_t ht_count (hash_table_t *ht) {$/;"    f
188 ht_entry        struct/ht.c     /^typedef struct ht_entry {$/;" s       file:
189 ht_free struct/ht.c     /^void ht_free (hash_table_t *ht) {$/;" f
190 ht_free_deferred        struct/ht.c     /^void ht_free_deferred (void) {$/;"    f
191 ht_get  struct/ht.c     /^int64_t ht_get (hash_table_t *ht, const char *key_string) {$/;"       f
192 ht_key_equals   struct/ht.c     /^static inline int ht_key_equals (uint64_t a, uint32_t b_hash, const char *b_value) {$/;"      f       file:
193 ht_remove       struct/ht.c     /^int64_t ht_remove (hash_table_t *ht, const char *key_string) {$/;"    f
194 ht_replace      struct/ht_test.c        /^int64_t ht_replace (hash_table_t *ht, const char *key, int64_t val) {$/;"     f
195 ht_set  struct/ht_test.c        /^int64_t ht_set (hash_table_t *ht, const char *key, int64_t val) {$/;" f
196 ht_test_SRCS    makefile        /^ht_test_SRCS   := $(UTIL_SRCS) struct\/ht.c struct\/ht_test.c$/;"     m
197 hti_alloc       struct/ht.c     /^static hash_table_i_t *hti_alloc (hash_table_t *parent, int scale) {$/;"      f       file:
198 hti_compare_and_set     struct/ht.c     /^static int64_t hti_compare_and_set (hash_table_i_t *hti, uint32_t key_hash, const char *key_string, $/;"      f       file:
199 hti_copy_entry  struct/ht.c     /^static int hti_copy_entry (hash_table_i_t *old_hti, volatile entry_t *old_e, uint32_t key_hash, $/;"  f       file:
200 hti_defer_free  struct/ht.c     /^static void hti_defer_free (hash_table_i_t *hti) {$/;"        f       file:
201 hti_get struct/ht.c     /^static int64_t hti_get (hash_table_i_t *hti, uint32_t key_hash, const char *key_string) {$/;" f       file:
202 hti_lookup      struct/ht.c     /^static volatile entry_t *hti_lookup (hash_table_i_t *hti, uint32_t key_hash, const char *key_string, int *is_empty) {$/;"     f       file:
203 hti_start_copy  struct/ht.c     /^static void hti_start_copy (hash_table_i_t *hti) {$/;"        f       file:
204 id      struct/ht_test.c        /^    int id;$/;"       m       struct:worker_data      file:
205 inserter_worker struct/ht_test.c        /^void *inserter_worker (void *arg) {$/;"       f
206 int64_t include/common.h        /^typedef long long int64_t;$/;"        t
207 isolation       txn/txn.c       /^    txn_isolation_t isolation;$/;"    m       struct:txn      file:
208 jumpBuf include/CuTest.h        /^      jmp_buf *jumpBuf;$/;"   m       struct:CuTest
209 key     struct/ht.c     /^    int64_t key;$/;"  m       struct:ht_entry file:
210 key     struct/list.c   /^    int key;$/;"      m       struct:node     file:
211 key     txn/txn.c       /^    struct { const char *key; update_rec_t *rec; } *writes;$/;"       m       struct:txn::__anon7     file:
212 last    struct/list.c   /^    node_t last;$/;"  m       struct:list     file:
213 last_posted_    util/rcu.c      /^static uint64_t **last_posted_;$/;"   v       file:
214 length  include/CuTest.h        /^      int length;$/;" m       struct:__anon1
215 lifo    util/rcu.c      /^typedef struct lifo {$/;"     s       file:
216 lifo_aba_pop    util/rcu.c      /^node_t *lifo_aba_pop (lifo_t *stk)$/;"        f
217 lifo_aba_push   util/rcu.c      /^static void lifo_aba_push (lifo_t *stk, node_t *x)$/;"        f       file:
218 lifo_alloc      util/rcu.c      /^static lifo_t *lifo_alloc (void)$/;"  f       file:
219 lifo_t  util/rcu.c      /^} lifo_t;$/;" t       typeref:struct:lifo     file:
220 list    include/CuTest.h        /^      CuTest* list[MAX_TEST_CASES];$/;"       m       struct:__anon2
221 list    struct/list.c   /^typedef struct list {$/;"     s       file:
222 list_   struct/list.c   /^static list_t *list_;$/;"     v       file:
223 list_alloc      struct/list.c   /^list_t *list_alloc (void)$/;" f
224 list_insert     struct/list.c   /^int list_insert (list_t *list, node_t *item)$/;"      f
225 list_node_alloc struct/list.c   /^node_t *list_node_alloc (int key)$/;" f
226 list_node_init  struct/list.c   /^static void list_node_init (node_t *item, int key)$/;"        f       file:
227 list_print      struct/list.c   /^void list_print (list_t *list)$/;"    f
228 list_remove     struct/list.c   /^node_t *list_remove (list_t *list, int key)$/;"       f
229 list_t  struct/list.c   /^} list_t;$/;" t       typeref:struct:list     file:
230 list_test_SRCS  makefile        /^list_test_SRCS := $(UTIL_SRCS) struct\/list.c$/;"     m
231 lwt_buf_        util/lwt.c      /^lwt_buffer_t **lwt_buf_ = NULL;$/;"   v
232 lwt_buffer      include/lwt.h   /^typedef struct lwt_buffer {$/;"       s
233 lwt_buffer_t    include/lwt.h   /^} lwt_buffer_t;$/;"   t       typeref:struct:lwt_buffer
234 lwt_dump        util/lwt.c      /^void lwt_dump (const char *file_name)$/;"     f
235 lwt_init        util/lwt.c      /^void lwt_init (void)$/;"      f
236 lwt_record      include/lwt.h   /^typedef struct lwt_record {$/;"       s
237 lwt_record_t    include/lwt.h   /^} lwt_record_t;$/;"   t       typeref:struct:lwt_record
238 lwt_set_trace_level     util/lwt.c      /^void lwt_set_trace_level (const char *flags)$/;"      f
239 lwt_thread_init util/lwt.c      /^void lwt_thread_init (int thread_id)$/;"      f
240 lwt_trace       include/lwt.h   /^static inline void lwt_trace (const char *flag, const char *format, size_t value1, size_t value2) {$/;"       f
241 main    struct/ht_test.c        /^int main (void) {$/;" f
242 main    struct/list.c   /^int main (int argc, char **argv)$/;"  f
243 main    txn/txn.c       /^int main (void) {$/;" f
244 main    util/rcu.c      /^int main (void)$/;"   f
245 malloc  include/common.h        /^#define malloc /;"    d
246 max_probe       struct/ht.c     /^    int max_probe;$/;"        m       struct:hash_table_i     file:
247 mem_init        util/mem.c      /^void mem_init (void) {$/;"    f
248 message include/CuTest.h        /^      const char* message;$/;"        m       struct:CuTest
249 murmur32        include/murmur.h        /^static inline uint32_t murmur32 (const char *key, int len)$/;"        f
250 name    include/CuTest.h        /^      const char* name;$/;"   m       struct:CuTest
251 nbd_defer_free  util/rcu.c      /^void nbd_defer_free (void *x)$/;"     f
252 nbd_free        util/mem.c      /^void nbd_free (void *x) {$/;" f
253 nbd_init        util/nbd.c      /^void nbd_init (void) {$/;"    f
254 nbd_malloc      util/mem.c      /^void *nbd_malloc (size_t n) {$/;"     f
255 nbd_thread_init util/nbd.c      /^void nbd_thread_init (int id) {$/;"   f
256 next    struct/ht.c     /^    struct hash_table_i *next;$/;"    m       struct:hash_table_i     typeref:struct:hash_table_i::hash_table_i       file:
257 next    struct/list.c   /^    struct node *next;$/;"    m       struct:node     typeref:struct:node::node       file:
258 next    struct/queue.c  /^    struct queue_elem *next;$/;"      m       struct:queue_elem       typeref:struct:queue_elem::queue_elem   file:
259 next    util/mem.c      /^    struct block *next;$/;"   m       struct:block    typeref:struct:block::block     file:
260 next    util/rcu.c      /^    struct node *next;$/;"    m       struct:node     typeref:struct:node::node       file:
261 next_free       struct/ht.c     /^    struct hash_table_i *next_free;$/;"       m       struct:hash_table_i     typeref:struct:hash_table_i::hash_table_i       file:
262 node    struct/list.c   /^typedef struct node {$/;"     s       file:
263 node    util/rcu.c      /^typedef struct node {$/;"     s       file:
264 node_alloc      util/rcu.c      /^node_t *node_alloc (void)$/;" f
265 node_t  struct/list.c   /^} node_t;$/;" t       typeref:struct:node     file:
266 node_t  util/rcu.c      /^} node_t;$/;" t       typeref:struct:node     file:
267 num_entries_copied      struct/ht.c     /^    int num_entries_copied;$/;"       m       struct:hash_table_i     file:
268 num_threads_    struct/list.c   /^static long num_threads_;$/;" v       file:
269 owner   util/mem.c      /^    char owner; \/\/ thread id of owner$/;"   m       struct:header   file:
270 pending_        util/rcu.c      /^static fifo_t **pending_;$/;" v       file:
271 prev    txn/txn.c       /^    update_rec_t *prev; \/\/ a previous update$/;"    m       struct:update_rec       file:
272 queue   struct/queue.c  /^typedef struct queue {$/;"    s       file:
273 queue_elem      struct/queue.c  /^typedef struct queue_elem {$/;"       s       file:
274 queue_elem_t    struct/queue.c  /^} queue_elem_t;$/;"   t       typeref:struct:queue_elem       file:
275 queue_t struct/queue.c  /^} queue_t;$/;"        t       typeref:struct:queue    file:
276 ran     include/CuTest.h        /^      int ran;$/;"    m       struct:CuTest
277 rcu_    util/rcu.c      /^static uint64_t **rcu_;$/;"   v       file:
278 rcu_init        util/rcu.c      /^void rcu_init (void)$/;"      f
279 rcu_post        util/rcu.c      /^static void rcu_post (uint64_t x)$/;" f       file:
280 rcu_test_SRCS   makefile        /^rcu_test_SRCS  := $(UTIL_SRCS)$/;"    m
281 rcu_update      util/rcu.c      /^void rcu_update (void)$/;"    f
282 rec     txn/txn.c       /^    struct { const char *key; update_rec_t *rec; } *writes;$/;"       m       struct:txn::__anon7     file:
283 rv      txn/txn.c       /^    uint64_t rv;$/;"  m       struct:txn      file:
284 sb_header_      util/mem.c      /^static header_t *sb_header_ = NULL;$/;"       v       file:
285 scale   struct/ht.c     /^    unsigned int scale;$/;"   m       struct:hash_table_i     file:
286 scale   util/mem.c      /^    char scale; \/\/ log2 of block size$/;"   m       struct:header   file:
287 scale   util/rcu.c      /^    uint32_t scale;$/;"       m       struct:fifo     file:
288 scan    struct/ht.c     /^    int scan;$/;"     m       struct:hash_table_i     file:
289 simple_worker   struct/ht_test.c        /^void *simple_worker (void *arg) {$/;" f
290 size    include/CuTest.h        /^      int size;$/;"   m       struct:__anon1
291 state   txn/txn.c       /^    txn_state_t state;$/;"    m       struct:txn      file:
292 stk_    util/rcu.c      /^static lifo_t *stk_;$/;"      v       file:
293 table   struct/ht.c     /^    volatile entry_t *table;$/;"      m       struct:hash_table_i     file:
294 tail    struct/queue.c  /^    queue_elem_t *tail;$/;"   m       struct:queue    file:
295 tail    util/rcu.c      /^    uint32_t tail;$/;"        m       struct:fifo     file:
296 tc      struct/ht_test.c        /^    CuTest *tc;$/;"   m       struct:worker_data      file:
297 timestamp       include/lwt.h   /^    uint64_t timestamp;$/;"   m       struct:lwt_record
298 txn     txn/txn.c       /^struct txn {$/;"      s       file:
299 txn_abort       txn/txn.c       /^void txn_abort (txn_t *txn) {$/;"     f
300 txn_access_t    include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_READ_WRITE, TXN_READ_ONLY, TXN_BLIND_WRITE } txn_access_t;$/;"     t       typeref:enum:__anon3
301 txn_begin       txn/txn.c       /^txn_t *txn_begin (txn_access_t access, txn_isolation_t isolation, hash_table_t *ht) {$/;"     f
302 txn_commit      txn/txn.c       /^txn_state_t txn_commit (txn_t *txn) {$/;"     f
303 txn_ht_get      txn/txn.c       /^int64_t txn_ht_get (txn_t *txn, const char *key) {$/;"        f
304 txn_ht_put      txn/txn.c       /^void txn_ht_put (txn_t *txn, const char *key, int64_t value) {$/;"    f
305 txn_ht_validate_key     txn/txn.c       /^static txn_state_t txn_ht_validate_key (txn_t *txn, const char *key) {$/;"    f       file:
306 txn_isolation_t include/txn.h   /^typedef enum { TXN_DIRTY_READ, TXN_READ_COMMITTED, TXN_REPEATABLE_READ } txn_isolation_t;$/;" t       typeref:enum:__anon4
307 txn_state_t     txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { TXN_RUNNING, TXN_VALIDATING, TXN_VALIDATED, TXN_ABORTED } txn_state_t;$/;"     t       typeref:enum:__anon5    file:
308 txn_t   include/txn.h   /^typedef struct txn txn_t;$/;" t       typeref:struct:txn
309 txn_test_SRCS   makefile        /^txn_test_SRCS  := $(UTIL_SRCS) struct\/ht.c txn\/txn.c$/;"    m
310 txn_validate    txn/txn.c       /^static txn_state_t txn_validate (txn_t *txn) {$/;"    f       file:
311 type    txn/txn.c       /^    update_type_t type;$/;"   m       struct:update_rec       file:
312 uint32_t        include/common.h        /^typedef unsigned int uint32_t;$/;"    t
313 uint64_t        include/common.h        /^typedef unsigned long long uint64_t;$/;"      t
314 update_rec      txn/txn.c       /^struct update_rec {$/;"       s       file:
315 update_rec_t    txn/txn.c       /^typedef struct update_rec update_rec_t;$/;"   t       typeref:struct:update_rec       file:
316 update_type_t   txn/txn.c       /^typedef enum { UPDATE_TYPE_PUT, UPDATE_TYPE_DELETE } update_type_t;$/;"       t       typeref:enum:__anon6    file:
317 value   struct/ht.c     /^    int64_t value;$/;"        m       struct:ht_entry file:
318 value   txn/txn.c       /^    uint64_t value;$/;"       m       struct:update_rec       file:
319 value1  include/lwt.h   /^    size_t value1;$/;"        m       struct:lwt_record
320 value2  include/lwt.h   /^    size_t value2;$/;"        m       struct:lwt_record
321 version txn/txn.c       /^    uint64_t version;$/;"     m       struct:update_rec       file:
322 wait    struct/ht_test.c        /^    int *wait;$/;"    m       struct:worker_data      file:
323 wait_   struct/list.c   /^static volatile int wait_;$/;"        v       file:
324 wait_   util/rcu.c      /^static volatile int wait_;$/;"        v       file:
325 worker  struct/list.c   /^void *worker (void *arg)$/;"  f
326 worker  util/rcu.c      /^void *worker (void *arg)$/;"  f
327 worker_data     struct/ht_test.c        /^typedef struct worker_data {$/;"      s       file:
328 worker_data_t   struct/ht_test.c        /^} worker_data_t;$/;"  t       typeref:struct:worker_data      file:
329 writes  txn/txn.c       /^    struct { const char *key; update_rec_t *rec; } *writes;$/;"       m       struct:txn      typeref:struct:txn::__anon7     file:
330 writes_count    txn/txn.c       /^    uint32_t writes_count;$/;"        m       struct:txn      file:
331 writes_scan     txn/txn.c       /^    uint32_t writes_scan;$/;" m       struct:txn      file:
332 writes_size     txn/txn.c       /^    uint32_t writes_size;$/;" m       struct:txn      file:
333 wv      txn/txn.c       /^    uint64_t wv;$/;"  m       struct:txn      file:
334 x       include/lwt.h   /^    lwt_record_t x[0];$/;"    m       struct:lwt_buffer
335 x       util/rcu.c      /^    void *x[0];$/;"   m       struct:fifo     file: