descriptionHexagon math library
ownerNathan Wagner
last changeSun, 17 Jun 2018 18:04:33 +0000 (18:04 +0000)
2018-06-17 Nathan Wagnermove astar to lib master
2018-06-17 Nathan Wagneradd split out cantor library file
2018-06-17 Nathan Wagneradd hexagon cli source file
2018-06-17 Nathan Wagnermove library source into lib
2018-06-17 Nathan Wagnerrework library to use structs
2018-06-13 Nathan Wagneradd polar coordinate calculation
2018-06-13 Nathan Wagneruse ctap
2015-12-20 Nathan Wagnerminor cleanup and refactor
2015-12-20 Nathan Wagneradded test for very long path
2015-12-18 Nathan Wagnerstyle fix
2015-03-17 Nathan Wagnersimplified astar test program
2015-03-17 Nathan Wagnerrewrite parts of postgres implementation
2015-03-17 Nathan Wagneradded prototype for HL_vertices
2015-02-23 Nathan Wagnerwork
2015-02-23 Nathan Wagneradd hexfuncs
2011-11-16 Nathan WagnerRemoved some stray output in test programs.
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