descriptionnntp server
ownerNathan Wagner
last changeSat, 27 Oct 2012 22:33:27 +0000 (22:33 +0000)
2012-10-27 Nathan WagnerLet database figure out close time for connection. master
2012-10-22 Nathan WagnerSet syslog options at startup.
2012-10-06 Nathan WagnerAdded config file for make test
2012-10-06 Nathan WagnerImproved robustness of server startup
2012-09-28 Nathan WagnerAdded program to set up an outgoing newsfeed.
2012-09-25 Nathan WagnerAdded SKIP block for useless follow up tests.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerFixed bug in IHAVE response.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerAdded capabilities response test.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerAdded stat response tests.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerAdded some test targets.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerAdditions to INSTALL docs.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerAdded install instruction file.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerAdded test script.
2011-12-02 Nathan WagnerAdded Perl module files.
2011-12-01 Nathan WagnerFixed uninitialized compare warning. Unset PrintError...
2011-11-30 Nathan WagnerInitial commit
9 years ago master