2006-07-27 solarBranching v0.4 for bugfixes. origin/tags/v0.4.1 v0.4.1
2006-02-06 unknownThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag...
2006-02-06 solarAdded v0.4 release date. origin/tags/v0.4 v0.4
2006-02-06 solarAdding malloc(), free(), and realloc().
2006-02-06 solarAdded comments.
2006-02-06 solarReordering of memnode_t members for later optimization.
2006-02-05 solarOverly optimistic; no v0.4 today as malloc() still...
2006-02-05 solarFallback to static array as pre-main malloc() created...
2006-02-05 solarv0.4 release: stdlib.h
2006-02-05 solarInitial checkin.
2006-02-05 solarInitial checkin.
2006-02-05 solarAdded realloc().
2006-01-30 solarInitial checkin.
2006-01-30 solarAdded test driver.
2006-01-30 solarAdded test driver.
2006-01-30 solarMoved internal struct definitions to _PDCLIB_int.h...
2006-01-30 solarExtended for 0.4 release.
2006-01-30 solarTweaking _PDCLIB_test.h.
2006-01-30 solarMoved struct definition to internal header.
2006-01-30 solarRemoved redundant include.
2006-01-30 solarFixed multiple inclusion issue.
2006-01-30 solarRemoved multiinclude test.
2006-01-27 solarDisabled zero-length sorting test when running under...
2006-01-27 solarAdjusted includes.
2006-01-27 solarMasked out the multiinclude test (doesn't work on ...
2005-12-26 solarAdded exit, _Exit, atexit.
2005-12-24 solarChanged handling of regtest exclusions.
2005-12-23 solarMoved from functions/ to functions/_PDCLIB/.
2005-12-23 solarAdded 'void' to empty parameter lists.
2005-12-23 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-23 solarexit() and its macros were added a bit hasty; fixed.
2005-12-23 solarImproved "expected assertion failure" message in testdr...
2005-12-23 solarAdded target 'todolist' to get all 'TODO' comments...
2005-12-17 solarAdded qsort.
2005-12-16 solarArtifact - code is original, not from PDPCLIB.
2005-12-16 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-15 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-15 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-15 solarAdded size_t to stdlib.h, added redefinition guards...
2005-12-15 solarExtended comment - old one left me clueless.
2005-12-15 solarAdded test driver.
2005-12-15 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-15 solarAdded exit return codes.
2005-12-15 solarAdded test drivers.
2005-12-15 solarMinor tweaking.
2005-12-05 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-04 solarAdded internal headerguard defines that were missing.
2005-12-04 solarAdded div_t types.
2005-12-04 solarRemoved #warning lines (only #error is defined by the...
2005-12-04 solarAdding missing internal include.
2005-12-04 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-03 solarFixed typo, added prelim. mention of what has changed.
2005-12-03 solarAdded 'regtest' target for regression against system...
2005-12-03 solarInitial checkin.
2005-12-03 solarUgly workaround to keep wrappers from negating error...
2005-12-03 solarAdded #ifdef to allow for regression against system...
2005-12-03 solarAdded signaling "test" driver.
2005-12-03 solarAdded #ifdef to allow regression against system lib.
2005-12-03 solarHelper functions for strto...() functions.
2005-12-03 solarAdded helpers for strto...() functions.
2005-12-02 solarAdded line number to failed testcase output.
2005-12-02 solarFixed 'find' option sequence that generated warnings...
2005-12-02 solarAdded atoi, atol, atoll plus internal helpers.
2005-12-02 solarAdded comment for _PDCLIB_intmax_t with cross-ref to...
2005-12-02 solarAdded _PDCLIB_inline mapped to inline for C99 only.
2005-12-02 solarSome non-7-bit chars have crept in. Fixed.
2005-11-22 solarReordered 'find' options to get rid of Cygwin warnings.
2005-11-21 solarPreparing for v0.3 release. origin/tags/v0.3 v0.3
2005-11-21 solarAdded.
2005-11-21 solarDisabled command echo, added -Wall.
2005-11-21 solarAdded test drivers.
2005-11-21 solarAdded test driver, fixed off-by-one bug.
2005-11-20 solarAdded test driver.
2005-11-20 solarAdded test driver, fixed off-by-one bug.
2005-11-20 solarAdded test driver.
2005-11-20 solarAdded test driver; fixed sign bug.
2005-11-20 solarAdded test driver.
2005-11-20 solarAdded dummy test drivers to each *.c file, and target...
2005-11-20 solarAdded Makefile and moved internal headers into seperate...
2005-11-20 solarMoved the includes into subdirectory (again). Teaches...
2005-01-12 solarForgot the header guard on string.h. Bumped release... origin/tags/v0.2 v0.2
2005-01-11 solarAdded notes on v0.2.
2005-01-11 solarTest-compile fixes.
2005-01-11 solarAdded the remaining function defs.
2005-01-11 solarInitial checkin.
2005-01-11 solarAdded a warning about missing test drivers.
2005-01-09 solarAdded search functions.
2005-01-09 solardos2unix
2005-01-08 solarAdding string.h.
2005-01-08 solarAdded some of <string.h>.
2004-12-23 solarFixes to v0.1, added assert.h.
2004-12-12 solarAdded note about v0.1 not being much tested. origin/tags/v0.1 v0.1
2004-12-12 solarAdded dev. status.
2004-12-12 solarInitial checkin.
2004-12-12 solarMore cosmetic touches.
2004-12-12 solarInitial checkin.
2004-12-12 solarExcluded *_C macros from first release; cosmetic touches.
2004-12-09 solarFixed several omitted "unsigned" qualifiers.
2004-12-08 solarCosmetics (moving Id tag to top, adding Name tag, adjus...
2004-11-14 solarSecond try. Freestanding only, for now.