2010-12-22 solarComment on v0.5 release origin/tags/v0.5 v0.5
2010-12-20 solarBasic tests for %c, %s, %[ and %p.
2010-12-20 solarSome testcases for scanf(). Fixed bug with %*... ....
2010-12-17 solarMoved the macro magic into the common header.
2010-12-16 solarCleaning up TODOs.
2010-12-16 solarCleaning up TODOs.
2010-12-15 solarMore cleaning up.
2010-12-14 solarTightening the code a bit.
2010-12-14 solarFixed safeguard calculation in ftell().
2010-12-13 solarNine-to-five job calling, leaving this intermediate.
2010-12-12 solarWhoops. That wouldn't have worked...
2010-12-11 solarEOL handling is for text mode conversion.
2010-12-11 solarWe will cross that bridge when we come to it.
2010-12-11 solarReplaced the dumb PATCHFILES with a smart for-find.
2010-12-10 solarAdded testdriver for signals, make links now including...
2010-12-10 solarAdjusted Makefile and svn:ignore for signal/.
2010-12-10 solarCompleted <signal.h>, and moved into platform.
2010-12-09 solarPut printf() / scanf() test macros in seperate header.
2010-12-09 solarPreliminary signal handling.
2010-12-09 solarSVN properties cleanup.
2010-12-08 solarReworked scanf() testing. General cleanups.
2010-12-06 solarTest drivers for fgetpos, fsetpos, and perror. Cannot...
2010-12-06 solarfseek() test driver.
2010-12-03 solarTest driver (and much-needed fixes) to fgets().
2010-12-02 solarTestdriver for gets(). Turns out fseek() was not tested...
2010-12-02 solarTestdriver for tmpfile().
2010-12-02 solarTest driver for freopen().
2010-12-02 solarUsing constants for testfile names
2010-12-01 solarSwitched to tmpfile() where appropriate.
2010-12-01 solarSome cleanups and corrected typos.
2010-12-01 solar*Much* better.
2010-11-30 solarBetter error reporting on printf's.
2010-11-21 solarStatus review.
2010-11-20 solarFixed broken filename handling in freopen().
2010-11-20 solarBug #39: fclose( stdout ) corrupts memory
2010-11-19 solarThanks where thanks is due.
2010-11-19 solarFixing bug #37 and #38.
2010-11-09 solarprintf / scanf macros in inttypes.h.
2010-11-02 solar(no commit message)
2010-10-01 solarStreamlined printf testing.
2010-09-26 solarImproved reporting by printf tests.
2010-09-26 solarProper handling of dependencies. (Related to #26.)
2010-09-26 solarProper handling of dependencies. (Related to #26.)
2010-09-26 solarProper handling of dependencies. (Related to #26.)
2010-08-01 solarReworked dependency handling.
2010-07-21 solarUncovered severe formatting bug with one-digit numbers...
2010-07-20 solarFormatting bug.
2010-07-19 solarSet svn:ignore on testing. Modified Makefile.
2010-07-19 solarMoved reference files to platform subdirs.
2010-07-19 solarMade printf() testcases 32/64 bit agnostic.
2010-07-19 solarFurther streamlined testing.
2010-07-19 solarForgot to switch this one to unified include.
2010-07-19 solarCleaned up the testing a bit.
2010-07-19 solarMoved test-related files to testing subdirectory (i...
2010-07-19 solarScrapped seperate testing for vscanf().
2010-07-19 solarDisabled 'special case' tests for regression.
2010-07-19 solarProper handling of end-of-string.
2010-07-19 solarType error resulting in improper handling of values...
2010-07-19 solarscanf() returns -1 on early input error.
2010-07-18 solarCorrected _MIN testcases.
2010-07-18 solarBetter size-safe checking for integer widths.
2010-07-16 solarIntermediate work improving printf() family unified...
2010-07-16 solarMoved printf() family tests to unified testing.
2010-07-16 solarFixed EOF handling.
2010-07-13 solarPrefix / postfix error screwing up any code using ungetc().
2010-07-01 solarMore improved unified tests (now life).
2010-07-01 solarMore improved unified tests (now life).
2010-07-01 solarImproved unified tests.
2010-06-25 solarMoving closer to unified I/O testing.
2010-06-25 solarBeginning to *really* unify the scanf / printf testing.
2010-06-24 solarTestcase printing made safe.
2010-06-23 solarIndividual init to get around warnings on 64bit.
2010-06-23 solarExtended test drivers to cover sign error.
2010-06-23 solarProper testing of overflow digit handling.
2010-06-23 solarNew file permissions.
2010-06-20 solarSome cleanups.
2010-06-19 solarStreams are now closed on program exit. (I hope; untested.)
2010-06-19 solartmpfile() implementation now based on /proc/sys/kernel...
2010-06-19 solarFix for #26.
2010-06-17 solarReworking internal file handling.
2010-05-16 solartmpnam implemented by using tmpfile.
2010-05-16 solarAlmost done on tmpfile / tmpnam.
2010-05-16 solarAd-hoc solutions for perror() and strerror().
2010-05-15 solarAdded some word about minor battlefields in v0.5.
2010-05-15 solarFixed a purely syntactical FIXME.
2010-05-15 solarReset SVN properties. Temporarily removed fscanf()...
2010-05-15 solarAdded imaxdiv_t (for inttypes.h).
2010-05-15 solarAdded imaxdiv_t (for inttypes.h).
2010-05-15 solarMinor touches.
2010-05-15 solarMinor touches.
2010-05-15 solarAdded inttypes.h
2010-05-14 solarCompacted initializing of status struct.
2010-05-14 solarCopy & paste error having sscanf code in there. Fixed.
2010-05-14 solarRenamed status->this to status->current to allow for...
2010-05-14 solarRenamed status->this to status->current to allow for...
2010-05-14 solarBug #36 (strtok does not return last token if string...
2010-05-14 solars/stdin/stream to make function actually work. Thanks...
2010-05-14 solarBug #36, covered by testdriver but not yet fixed.
2010-04-08 solarNo more errors from _PDCLIB_scan tests. Yay...
2010-04-07 solarSome fixes to string scanning. First half of scanset...